GoodLife Form

Receipt Request

Complete this form to request a receipt from GoodLife Fitness. Please note that a response will be emailed to the requestor at the email address provided within 10 business days from the time of submission.

Please note:

  • If you are part of a family membership, each individual's request will need to be submitted separately.
  • Receipts sent by email may be misidentified as spam/junk email. In the event that you do not receive your receipt within 10 business days, please check your email provider's spam/junk folder.
  • Please note that we are currently transitioning to a new member management system. A response to your request may take up to 25 days as we work through this transition. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Your Request Details:


Where do I find my barcode #?


Your barcode is located on the key fob you use to access the Club each time you visit.

Key fob example
— OR —

Where do I find my Membership #?


Your Membership number is located on your original Membership Agreement copy.

Because you are below the age of majority, we need to know the payor information for your Membership.


Please note: Your request is for more than 2 years worth of receipts and will need to be processed manually, which will require extra time. Please let us know the reason you require more than 2 years of receipts to help us in fulfilling your request: